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Old Man Singing Love Song To His 93 Year Old Dying Wife Will Melt Your Heart

Erin Solari's grandparents are in the minority. The two lovebirds have been together for 73 long and happy years. Sadly,


Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Kids Get Married 20 Years Later

This story seems to be right out of a fairy tale. FOX 9 News of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area were happy to report the adorable


96 Year Old Man Enters Song About His Wife ‘Sweet Lorraine’ Into Online Song Writing Contest

Green Shoe Studios in East Peoria, IL held a song writing contest online and for their small community a few months back.


G-Male And Siri: A Love Story

Everyone loves Google's GMail and Apple's Siri, so it's only natural for the two to get together. But as in


Watsky Raps Love Story

George Watsky and The GetBand work together to tell a classic love tale. And by classic, I mean in a


Danny And Annie – Sad Animated Love Story Of Two Brooklynites

Get the tissue box. Danny Perasa and his wife, Annie,  recount their twenty-seven-year romance. As they remember their life together