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Animals Hugging Humans

If you own a pet, I'm sure you love to hug it. A lot. But did you know there are…

This Probably Is Your Tinder Profile, Right?

With Tinder receiving some backlash lately, this video about online dating was bound to happen. [embed][/embed]

Exes Play Truth Or Drink

Time to really get to know the truth about your former relationship. [embed][/embed]

Tinder Couple Finally Gets Acquainted After 3 Years

They're pretty cute together right? [embed][/embed]

Babe Babe

I'm so emotional right now babe.

Flirting Dog

Yeah, you like that phat booty? *winks*

Marriage Proposal While Being In An Airplane’s Cockpit For The First Time

On paper it must have looked awesome. Impress your girl with your pilot skills and while she is in awe,…

Casually Explained: Finding The One

Did you ever stop and realize how hard it actually is to find the one and only true love of…

True Love Right There

So, so madly in love. Real love right there.

Instructions For A Happy Life

Being happy isn't as easy as it might seem, but we got you. Watch and learn! [embed][/embed]

Kiss Like There’s No One Watching, Even When There Is

News reporter tries to keep his cool and just do his job, but eventually he cannot ignore the passion that's…

Dog = Love

Happy girl. Happy dog. Happy times. Broken chair.


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