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But I Love You, Baby

In Love With A Potato

I Love Halloween

Hilarious Singing Partner Of A Player Stuck in VR

Natalie Tran aka communitychannel had some fun lip syncing around her VR playing boyfriend. This sillyness got her over 1.2…

Simon’s Cat: Guide To Love

After the recent dinner date Simon's Cat published another video regarding Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day! Have you ever wondered…

Idris Elba Gets Valentine’s Day Advice from Kids

It's Valentine's Day! So maybe it is not to late for you to learn some valuable lessons - like Idris…

Friend Surprises Girl And Asks Her To Be His Girlfriend At Walmart

Ashley Williams posted this touching video on Facebook two days ago and already got over 4.9 million views on it.…

Simon’s Cat – Looking for Love

Simon's Cat got over 300,000 lovely views on this "Valentine's Collection" that connects some earlier videos regarding this famous thingy…

17 Ways To Dump Your Girlfriend

A new fantastic sketch by TomSka, this time with a little help of Dodie 'doddleoddle' Clark. Maybe not all of…

Fake Arrest Becomes A Surprising Proposal

I don't really think that this is the most romantic way to propose to your loved one, but it is…

Jimmy And Dwayne Johnson Surprise Staffer With Military Homecoming

This has been a pretty emotional surprise happening at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier on. Jimmy and Dwayne…

Heartwarming Ad About A Polish Man Learning English

Within a week this heartwarming story about a Polish man learning English went viral. "English For Beginners" got over 2.7…



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