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The things I do for love GIF

Twenty Love Songs In Twenty Different Styles

The love holiday everyone loves to hate is just around the corner. Single people especially hate Valentine's Day. To make…

The Science Of Heartbreak

With all love comes heartbreak at some point in time. But is a broken-heart just an abstract idea, or are…

‘Seconds’ Short Film

Marko Slavnic's short filmĀ SecondsĀ deals with the true power we have every second. In just one short moment at the coffee…

22 Beatles Songs With The Word Love Mash Up

Even if people don't want to admit it, the Beatles really are a hippie band. They sing about peace, harmony,…

Jim Carrey States His Love For Emma Stone

Jim Carrey is 49 years old (I know, scary!), but that's not stopping him from chasing true love. He made…

Bromance Compilation

Men are supposed to be tough, eat raw meat, and play football. Emotions are a big no-no. But recently, society…

Chatroulette Love Song Music Video

Whenever someone makes an improv video on Chatroulette, they deserve serious props for pulling it off. They only have one…



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