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Queen’s Bath, aka Hawaii’s Pool of Death

Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii is known as the pool of death, for reasons that are obvious after watching this…

Man Falls Into Lion Enclosure

A man presumable drunk, high or mentally incapacitated enters the lion's enclosure at a zoo somewhere in India. This video…

$500 Lottery Ticket Challenge

Ever wonder what would happen if you'd just buy a ton of lottery tickets? You'd expect to win at least a…

This Guy Won A Pair Of Nike Mag 2016

You know, the ones from "Back To The Future". Super Deluxe visited raffle winner Chris to watch him get on…

The Luckiest Guy In Russia Survives Two Trucks Crashing Into Him Uninjured

The 'Luckiest Dude In Russia' survived an onslaught of forces that even Hollywood couldn't think up. A dash camera in…

Kim Clijsters’ Lucky Tennis Point

Belgian tennis player, Kim Clijsters, got the luckiest tennis shot ever at the French Tennis Open. Well, I don't know…

Lucky – GLEE

Cheer leader and macho asshole on acoustic guitar lip sync Lucky by Jason Mraz. The others look pissed.


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