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Brian Williams Raps ‘Rollout’ By Ludacris

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has become a famous 'rapper' thanks to the editing geniuses at The Tonight Show…

Justin Bieber Ludacris All Around The World Music Video

Not only is this new music video¬†All Around The World by the one and only Justin Bieber, but hip hop…

Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah Music Video Parodies ‘Welcome To Atlanta’ Rap Song

Twelve year old Daniel Blumen of Atlanta, Georgia has gone viralviral after his bar mitzvah music video hit the web.…

Bad Lip Reading – Ludacris My Chicks Bad

Bad Lip Reading is still going strong and they released their latest hit, Magic Man. It's a spoof of Ludacris's…

Midget Sings Lip Sync Baby By Justin Bieber Ft Ludacris

This guy is already becoming a YouTube star. He doesn't care about haters. He rocks out to Justin Bieber's hit…


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