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Luke i don’t care

AT-AT Walker Steps On Luke Skywalker In Star Wars Battlefront

With today's computing power, modern Star Wars games can really do the movies justice. In the new Star Wars Battlefront game,…

Mark Hamill Does Joker And Luke Skywalker Dialogue

With Disney's new Star Wars films coming up, Mark Hamill has entered the spot light again. While Hamill is most…

Luke Skywalker Watches PSY Dancing Down Cloud City Corridor

Video editor KhalidSMShahin went viralviral last month with an impressive Gangnam Style edit in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He flawlessly…

R2-D2 Shows Tupac Hologram Instead Of Princess Leia

NSFW - some offensive language The entertainment would was buzzing after video from a recent Coachella music festival performance with Snoop…

Han Solo Is Freaked Out By Luke And Leia Kissing

This older video has had another viral spurt. Originally, Han realizes that Luke and Leia are just siblings and he's…


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