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Rapping For 90 Seconds Straight… Without Breathing

As if the fast rapping of Mac Lethal wouldn't be incredible enough - now he does it without breathing. Nearly...


Rapping Classified Ads

Even if you aren't looking for anything specific, the classified ads are always fun to read. Rapper Mac Lethal is known for


Inspiring Super Fast Mozart Rap

There are few rappers out there who can compete with Mac Lethal's super fast tongue. How does he talk to fast? After


Mac Lethal Guest Stars On Ellen

Last week, Internet obsessed Ellen DeGeneres featured Mac Lethal's latest super fast viral rap video and asked the fast rapper


Alphabetical Tongue Twister Rap Will Blow You Away

Mac Lethal has made a name for himself as one of the fastest rappers online.  His latest song Alphabet Insanity truly lives up to


Mac Lethal Your vs You’re Rap Parody Of Gotye Somebody I Used To Know

NSFW - language Self proclaimed fast white rapper Mac Lethal has returned from his Internet hiatus to take on the


Look At Me Now – White Guy Raps Pancake Themed Parody Cover

Mac Lethal went viral back in January for his fast nerdy white kid rap. He's continued his rapping performances online


Mac Lethal Charlie Sheen Rap

Mac Lethal went viral rapping a response rap to George Watsky. Now Lethal makes a fast rap in honor of


Pale Kid Raps Faster – Mac Lethal Response Rap Video To George Watsky

George Watsky's recently released viral video had some seriously fast rapping going on. Mac Lethal saw the video and thought he