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Computer Combustion Tube Desctruction In Slowmotion

This time The Slow Mo Guys got a little help to make a huge mess. Their "iMac Annihilator" already got


Jobs Trailer

Since the movie's announcement, there has been a buzz surrounding Jobs. Finally, the trailer has debuted, featuring Ashton Kutcher as Steve


Macbook Touch – Macbook iPad Hybrid Concept

Oliver Terrisse has gone viral with his impressive 'Macbook Touch' concept video. The viral video that's been viewed more than 100,000 in


1997 Apple Commercial Narrated By Steve Jobs That Never Aired

After Steve Jobs' passing, celebrities, world leaders, and other famous CEOs around the world all paid their respects calling Jobs


iPad Bridesmaid

Jamie knew she wanted her best friend Renee to be her bridesmaid for ages, but when the wedding finally arrived, she wasn't


Epic Mac vs PC Parody Compilation

In 2007, Apple's  Mac vs PC commercials were in full force. They portrayed Macs as the ultimate young, cool, hipster,


Mac Book Air Suspended By Balloon At Apple Store FAKE

How could anyone think this was a real for even a moment? Maybe an Apple consumer would. Do you really


Apple Airplay Connects Handheld To TV

Airplay connects your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to Apple TV and speakers. Now you can watch your movies and


Windows 7 Avatar Commercial

PC and Mac go on a flight together. PC has a Blue Ray player and Mac doesn't. They watch Avatar


Apple Event Positive Adjectives Edit

This is what these Apple conventions are all about. Great, amazing, stupendous, awesome, cool, wow. A cut up edit of


Twitter Beat It Spoof – Tweet It iPad VS iPhone

A funny parody of Twitter to the tune of Michael Jackson's Beat It.


Steve Jobs’ Google Rant

Steve jobs is not happy with the new Google Android and Google TV products. Why? Because they are iPhone and