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Macklemore Performs Thrift Shop Cover On Sesame Street

Macklemore's debut hit song that launched him into the spot light has already come and gone. Still, Sesame Street has only now teamed


Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

Everyone knows who Macklemore is these day, but what about his producer, DJ, and teammate Ryan Lewis? Not so much. Realizing


Macklemore Performs Can’t Hold Us On New York City Bus

To promote The GRAMMYs where they will perform live on Sunday, January 26 on CBS, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit up a New York City


YouTube Rewind 2013 Wrap Up

The end of 2013 is upon us. Countless wrap up videos have already been posted online, but few can compete


Pentatonix Covers Can’t Hold Us

Pentatonix is one of YouTube's most popular vocalist groups, standing with over 1.3 dedicated fans. The crew has instantly caught viral


Pathology Department Performs Lab-Themed ‘Thrift Shop’ Cover

DRdoubleB is a nerd channel for pathology and other educational parody videos from University of Florida. In this hilarious parody, the


Lesbian Marriage Proposal At Macklemore Concert

Not only did Danielle ask her long time girlfriend to get married at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show in Omaha,


Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us Recreated With Real Life Looping

Though not as viralviral as Thift Shop, Macklemore's second single Can't Hold Us is still a relative hit, standing with over 42 million views.


Brittani Taylor Covers ‘Thrift Shop’ As ‘Gift Shop’ Music Video

There's no question the hottest track online today is still Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The web has seen countless viral


Can’t Hold Us Hip Hop Dance In Japan

It seems the web has finally found a new pop song to obsess over. After covering and dancing to Thrift Shop by


Macklemore Can’t Hold Us Music Video

Web favorite Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, creators of the ultra popular Thrift Shop hit single, has finally debuted a second song.


Broken Brass Ensemble Covers Thrift Shop

There's no doubt that the most notable part of Macklemore's hit single Thrift Shop has to be that brass. After just