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Before They Were on Mad Men

AMC's Mad Men is one of television's most popular shows. Viewers can't help but travel back to the 60's once a


Mad X-Men Parody Mash Up

What do you get when you mash together the popular TV show Mad Men with the cool superhero franchise X-Men?


Ellen Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Party Horns On ‘Mad Men’

Yesterday was the Great American Smoke Out when smokers are encouraged to try and not light up for the whole day


Wife Recreates Popular TV Show Introductions With A Twist To Wish Husband Happy Birthday

Artist Only Leigh is one dedicated wife. For her husband Oren's birthday last week, she created this very special TV Bday PALOOZA video--a


Jon Hamm With Elmo On Sesame Street

Sesame Street loves inviting popular celebrities to star on their kid shows to help keep bored parents engaged. The most recent


Mad Men TV Show ‘Sings’ Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Roll

Cutting up movies and TV shows and reediting the footage in music in a difficult task that, when done correctly,


Jon Hamm Answers Questions, Give Relationship Advice

Rookie Magazine has published this special first Ask a Grown Man series starting with Jon Hamm. The Mad Men superstar answers


Mad Men 8-Bit Video Game

There's nothing Gen X and Y kids love more than their 8-bit style video game animation. Mix it up with