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The Easiest Magic Tricks Even You Can Do

The time has come for everyone to unleash their inner magician, it doesn't get easier than this! [embed][/embed]


Invisible Chair Prank

Julien Magic did irritate some people on the street by sitting in the air. "Hope you like this hidden camera


Magic Water Marker Making Figure Dance

Just take a non-soluble marker, a little water and let the magic unfold! RM Videos (re?)uploaded this video of a


Learn 4 Amazing Christmas Magic Tricks

If you need to entertain the family over the holidays, maybe this card tricks performed and explained by Oscar Owen


How David Blaine Pulled Off His Magic Frog Trick

About two weeks ago this magic trick performed by David Blaine went viral. Hi impressed celebrities like Drake, Steph Curry


Chris Pratts Epic Card Trick Fail

Actor Chris Pratt has been invited to The Graham Norton Show and to do a magic trick. Proclaiming a lot


See The Trick Behind Cup Levitations & Train Track Rescues

CaptainDisillusion solves two modern "mysterys" in his very own and original manner. I find his videos very entertaining (and interesting)


David Blaine’s Frog Trick for Drake, Steph Curry & Dave Chappelle

Another mind blowing trick done by magician David Blaine. And the best thing is to see some major celebrities like


David Blaine Shocks Jimmy Fallon with Magic Tricks

Do you remember David Blaine? He got to visit the Tonight Show and show a few little tricks. And a


Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained

As I kid I was terrible at these magic eye illusions. I was staring and staring and crossing my eyes


Epic Drive Thru Ghost Driver Prank!

YouTube magician Rahat has done it again. For the sixhundretfourtysixed time or something he has fooled some people working at

Jon Dorenbos Shows Amazing Card Trick on Ellen

On "The Ellen Show" Philadelphia Eagles football player and 'America's Got Talent' finalist Jon Dorenbos did show a card trick.