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Mailman Fights Off Turkeys With Big Stick

If you ask a child what animal likes to chase the mailman, nearly every single kid would answer "dog." But that's…

Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Just when the web thought it was only FedEx workers who apparently don't take their jobs seriously comes this latest…

Mailman Fight Prank

Popular YouTube pranksters Ed Bassmaster and Jack Vale collaborated to pull a doozy of a prank on a crowded boardwalk.  Dressed as…

Baby Standing By Door Is Knocked Over By Incoming Mail

This video was posted by TVPatter a month ago, but it has only exploded online now, amassing over a quarter million views…

Postman Shows How Intelligent Letter Sorting Machine Sorts Mail

Royal Postman Josh Wapiano says this is his last week as a working mailman, so he's decided to show the engineering…

Best Part Of Mailman’s Day Is When Neighborhood Dog Runs Up To Retrieve Mail

Nearly every comic strip and cartoon would have you thinking that dogs are the eternal enemy of the mailman, but…



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