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Knot Illusion Body Painting

Exquisit body painting illusion by Mirjana Kika Milosevic who got herself a big fat knot into her beautiful belly. The…

Epic Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Time Lapse

Nice body paint by KayPikeFashion who changed herself from a pretty lady to an even prettier humanoid. Well done! "You…

Silver Surfer Riding Through New York City

Another epic Halloween costume. Jesse Wellens turned himself into The Silver Surfer - with the help of makeup artist Alexys…

Awesome Melting Skull Make-Up

Desi Perkins impresses us again with her perfect make-up inspiration for Halloween. A melting skull-face - neat! "Halloween is here!!!…

Terrifyingly Realistic Uruk Hai Goes Grocery Shopping

Nerds will recall that theĀ Uruk-hai are the monstrous orc creatures from theĀ Lord of the Rings universe. For a makeup project,…



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