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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



Adele Absolutely Hates Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover

You'd think when someone pays a shitload of money so you can make good food again, you'd be a little…

This Makeover Produces Nothing But Smiles, Until The Owner Opens Her Mouth

And Gordon Ramsey is not someone to take ungratefulness or unsolicited criticism lightly. Enjoy the fireworks!

Epic Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Time Lapse

Nice body paint by KayPikeFashion who changed herself from a pretty lady to an even prettier humanoid. Well done! "You…

Donald Trump Gets A GQ Makeover

This presidential makeover by GQ gathered over 1.1 million views over the last couple days, receiving a polarized balance of…

Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time

Women go through a lot to look nice. But what looks simple is most definitely not. There's a reason it…

World’s Ugliest Dog Gets A Makeover

Peanut has been crowned as the World's Ugliest Dog in Petaluma, California this week. The two year old chihuahua-shih tzu mix was…

Punk Rocker’s Make Over Will Surprise You

This clip from the British TV show Snog, Marry, Avoid? has gone viral with over 300,000 views. The show takes people obsessed…

These Cancer Patients Thought They Were Getting A Makeover. What Happened Next Allowed Them To Forget Their Illness For A Moment

French group Mimi Foundation truly believes that bringing happiness and joy into the life of a patient is the best therapy.  For…

Homeless Family Makeover

Back in the summer, prankster Vitaly gave one homeless man a makeover. That video now stands with over 6.5 million…

Homeless Veteran Receives Transformative Makeover Time Lapse

Rob Bliss Creative, Dégagé Ministries, and Design 1 Salon & Spa teamed up to help one army veteran down on his…

Prankster Gives Homeless Man Extreme Makeover

There's a new trend online and for once it's a good one. More and more successful YouTube pranksters are turning…



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