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Blend Your Makeup

We can see your neck too you know. via:


Liquid Nitrogen vs. Makeup

Yes, this whole liquid nitrogen thing is trending a lot recently. Even beauty vlogger seem to get around it now,


Jenna Marbles Lets Boyfriend Do Her Voiceover

Not really her original idea but Jenna Marbles version of her boyfriend doing her voiceover whilst doing her makeup is


Incredible Makeup Illusion By Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Makeup artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic outdone herself (again)! With her "Wooden Puppet Doll" project she plays with our reception and


If Make-Up Ads Were Honest

Commercials are funny things. Even though most of realize that what we are seeing isn't real, we can't help but


Coca Cola Hair Rinse Is Super Weird

Coca Cola might be the most famous and accessible beverage in the world next to water. Interestingly enough, fashionista Ellko has found


100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, the Internet bemoans and pokes fun at the sad reality that is most costumes for girls. Nearly every


Little Girls Help Women Get Ready For A First Date

Preparing for a first date can be very unnerving. Will they be nice? Will they like me? What if we


100 Years Of German Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous episode in their 100 years of beauty series. This time, the cover the makeup


100 Years Of Italian Beauty

When people think of Italy, they think of Catholicism, pizza, and beautiful fashion and people. Cut Video is back with their popular


100 Years Of American Men’s Fashion

It seems the Internet has found a new trend. After covering women's makeup and fashion styles over the past century


Woman Shows How Terrible People Online React To Her Bad Skin

Like so many young people, Em Ford of My Pale Skin has struggled with acne and skin issues. It's rare to find