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Local News Hilariously Recreates NCAA Highlights

Only CBS stations are allowed to show official March Madness highlights and clips.  So what did WCJB TV-20 of Gainesville, Florida do?…

March Madness Frisbee Trick Shots

Trick shot master Brodie Smith stands out from the crowd of online athletes as he performs his magic not with basketballs or…

How to Pretend You Care About College Basketball

March Madness is here. It's a time some sports fanatics wait all year for, even enjoying it more than the…

Kid President And Barack Obama Pick NCAA Tournament Brackets 2013

The adorable Kid President continues to trend online. He's made it so big, ESPN has enlisted him to pick his NCAA tournament…

News Report: Free Pizza With Vasectomy For March Madness

Cape-cast, the official webcast for the Cape Cod Times brings us this very unique report of a small local urology office…

Doug Gottlieb’s Phone Rings During Brackets Report

Doug Gottlieb is giving his two cents on March Madness brackets when he slips up. Then his phone rings on…



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