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Epic Superhero Halftime Show By Ohio State Marching Band

Perhaps you have seen one of the incredible haltime shows performed by the Ohio State Marching Band before. This time


Southern University Marching Band Performs ‘Hello’

What's the one song you are most likely to hear if you turn on the radio or walk through the mall right


Marching Band Puts On Epic Marvel Halftime Show

Ahh, it's finally football season again. And with college football comes the marching band. Long gone are the days of


Ohio State Marching Band Honors Space And Science Fiction

The Ohio State University marching band honored all things space during the Buckeyes game versus Illinois halftime show. The theme was called They


The Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute To Classic Rock

The Ohio State University marching band is well known for their unique half time show performances. During the October 18 Buckeyes game


Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Wizard Of Oz Half Time Tribute

The Ohio State University Marching Band is famous online for their grand half time performances that takes choreography to the next


Ohio State Marching Band Performs TV Show Tribute Halftime Show

The Ohio State Marching Band is famous, not only for their great music, but for their impressive choreography. The Lantern TV, which


Geese Marching Band Is Adorable

It's not everyday you see a marching band. Especially a marching band consisting of geese. But that's exactly what tourists


The Way The Auburn University Marching Band Explodes In Excitement To 2013 Iron Bowl Win Will Make You Smile

Though the season has been over for some time now, this epic reaction video to the 2013 Iron Bowl game


Ohio State University Marching Band Gettysburg Address Performance

The web's most popular college marching band has again gone viral again with this American history-themed performance.  During the The


Ohio State University Marching Band Hollywood Movies Tribute

Just last week, Ohio State University went viral with their impressive Michael Jackson marching band tribute.  Now, the web's favorite


Ohio State Marching Band Forms Giant Moonwalking Michael Jackson During MJ Tribute

Ohio State is famous online for their pop culture-inspired marching band performances.  While at a recent homecoming game, Kris Atwater captured the