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Marine Surpises His Sister On Her Wedding Day

Sarah was set to get married, but sadly her brother couldn't make it. He was deployed as a Marine. Sarah


Epic Dance Contest At Marine Corps Ball

This entertaining dance video was posted by Gabriel Garcia over a year ago, but has only gone viral now just in time


Marine’s Emotional Surprise Reunion With Younger Brother During Basketball Practice

This powerful video was published back in March, but has just surged in viewership now after being picked up by


Disabled Boy Walks To His Returning U.S. Marine Father For First Time

The Welcome Home Blog has again gone viral with their latest US service personal family reunion video submission. Mom who submitted the


Deployed Marine Performs Emotional Christmas Song For His Wife

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness, warmth, and family, but for those who can't make it


Marine Asks Betty White To Ball

Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis follows the lead of his fellow marines and decides to ask a celebrity out to the


Marine In Afghanistan Asks Mila Kunis To Ball

Serving in Afghanistan is tough. It's hot, and there's sand everywhere. Also, there's people trying to kill you. Many service


Marine Surprises His Sister At Her Graduation From Poly Tech

There are plenty of graduation videos this time of year, and there are tons of soldiers reuniting with family members


Marines Shoot Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

This older video has resurfaces recently going viral on many social sharing sites. A marine shows us how to fix