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Epic Paint Super Soaker Battle

YouTuber Mark Rober modified some Super Soakers and filled a room with paint - with a little help of Colin


‘Swimming’ In A Pool Of Tiny Orbeez Water Balls

Orbeez are fun little water balls, basically mini waterballoons with a stronger shell. Mark Rober had The Backyard Scientist had the ingenious


Biggest Nerf Gun Ever

Every kid who grew up in the 90's until today has played with Nerf toys. The balls, the dart guns,


Playing With Hundreds Of Water Balloons On A Trampoline

Ahh, spring time. Now we can finally play with fun things outdoors like water balloons and trampolines. That gave Mark Rober an idea.


Snowball Machine Gun Is As Cool As It Sounds

It might be February, and Puxatony Phil might claim that spring is just around the corner, but Old Man Winter


Life Hack To Defog Car Windows In The Winter

Old man winter can make traveling impossible at worst, and annoying at best. One common issue is the windshield and windows


Skinning A Watermelon Trick

Mark Rober is famous online for his unique tricks and optical illusions. In his latest video, he blew the minds of


Guy Invents Better Microwave With Infrared And Heat Camera

Over the past few years, nearly everything we commonly use has advanced with technology. But there's one invention that is


NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest For 2014

Every year, the super nerds at NASA blow off some steam by holding a pumpkin carving contest for Halloween. But these


24 Easy Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costume plans ready? In case you are in need of


How To Defend Against iPhone ATM PIN Code Hack

Back in the day, an infrared camera was very bulky and expensive. Today, you can buy a relatively cheap infrared


Hole In Body iPad 2 Halloween Costume

One of the most popular Halloween costume videos for 2011 is the 'hole through your body' costume.   Onemeeeliondollars took two