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What Most Schools Don’t Teach Inspiring Computer Science Short Film

CodeOrg is a nonprofit focused on getting more people, especially young, bright minds, into computer programming today. Their mantra is simple:


Artist Makes Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Portrait Using Books

Online artist ohiseeRED first went viral way back in January with her unique and creative over sized portrait of Yao Ming made using a


Zuckerberg The Musical

Music video experimenters CDZA have made a name for themselves online after their first two publications went viral. Now, in honor of Facebook


Andy Samberg Impersonates Mark Zuckerberg At Facebook F8

Facebook just unveiled new updates for their users and developers at the latest Facebook F8 convention. Most of the news


Mark Zuckerberg On SNL With Jesse Eisenberg And Andy Samberg

While Jesse Eisenberg was giving his opening monologue on SNL, the real Mark Zuckerbeg make a surprise appearance. Jesse does 


Girl Invites Mark Zuckerberg To Her Wedding

Facebook has had a serious impact on the entire world. Not only are people reconnecting with lost friends, but people


Mark Zuckerberg Explains How Social Network Is Fiction Fake

Mark explains the Social Network was pure bologna. They got his fleece and shirts right but missed the reality about


Mark Zuckerberg On The Simpson’s

Lisa tries to get Mark Zuckerberg to tell Nelson that school is important, but he just says he dropped out,