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Do You Also Hate These News-Like Video-Presentations?

jacksfilms hates them. And got over 700,000 views for doing so.


DHL Pranks Competitors To Deliver Boxes Reading ‘DHL Is Faster’

We're in a new age of marketing where traditional ads just don't capture the attention they used to.  Knowing this,


K-Mart Ship My Pants Commercial

Again, it seems the marketers of mega corporations have debuted another genius and hilarious Superbowl-worthy commercial during the regular year.


Pocket Like It’s Hot Music Video Commercial Stars Snoop Dogg

The marketers at Hot Pockets have learned from so many other brands that if you put in the right effort, and don't


Jennifer Aniston Home Security Tapes Leak Smart Water Commercial

After the great success of their first meta-meme viral video featuring Jennifer Aniston, Smart Water has again gone viral with a


‘Hug Me’ Coke Vending Machine Actually Vends Free Coca-Cola When Hugged

Coca-Cola is one of the world's greatest marketers. Their drinks are in countries where running water, electricity, and proper sanitation


Old Spice Charmin Hybrid Commercial

Old Spice's parent company Proctor & Gamble has started a viral marketing campaign by combining products in one commercial. In


Human Shaped Remote Control Airplanes Flown Over New York City

Whenever you plan on doing something cool and shocking in public, it's always best to go to Manhattan to show


Batting Practice Infinite Loop Off Trampolines

This hitter is sick and tired of the same old batting practice, so he devised a new way to get


Pink Pony Birthday Professionally Marketed

For most birthday's, the mom would send out invitations and the birthday child would tell their friends. For this birthday, the


Hunter Shoots Bear Fake Video – Commercial Ad For Tipp Ex White Out

I saw this annoying video when it was new, and never thought people would fall for it. Here is another