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Mary Byrne Can You Feel The Love Tonight – The X Factor 2010 Live

Mary Byrne sings Elton John's classic Can You Feel The Love Tonight. The judges like the performance, but Simon didn't…

Mary Byrne I Who Have Nothing – The X Factor Live 10/23/10

Mary Byrne sings I Who Have Nothing like a champ. She's got such a powerful voice, but isn't young and sexy.…

Mary Byrne You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – The X Factor Live

Mary Byrne sings You Don't Have To Say You Love Me  by Dusty Springfield. The crowd loves her. I think…

Mary Byrne This Is A Man’s World – The X Factor 2010 Live Show

Mary Byrne performs Man World and rips it to pieces. The crowd cheers just from the start.

Mary Byrne Fix You – X Factor Judges’ Houses Performance

Mary Byrne sing Cold Play but misses a few words. Will that ruin that chance?



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