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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019

Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019



The Best Of Chicago Bulls Mascot Benny The Bull From 2014 Compilation

The mascot for the Chicago Bulls, Benny The Bull, has just gone viral. In honor of the end of the


Cow Mascot Dances Like Crazy At Mexican Supermarket

Mexican dairy company Alpura has an awesome cow mascot named La Vaca Manchas that is made even better by the motivated


Benny The Bull Steals Celtics Fan’s Girlfriend During Kiss Cam

The kiss cam is always a hit. But no one at the stadium, or online, ever expected this outcome. During Saturday's


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Takes On Times Square Mascots

Times Square was once a sketchy part of Manhattan that tourists never dared to enter. Now, it has completely turned


Houston Mascot Pranks Players After Practice

For some reason, scaring professional athletes is much funnier than simply pranking regular people. Perhaps it's the fact that they


Brooklyn Net’s Mascot Gets Ball Stuck Above Hoop After Slam Dunk Fail

The Brooklyn Net's new mascot, the BrooklynKnight, made a one-in-a-million air-ball shot while attempting a stunt dunk during the Celtics-Nets


37 Odd College Mascots

John Green of Mental Floss is back with another interesting list of trivia information. In this episode, John discusses 37 Odd College


Ultimate Mascot Fails Compilation

Who doesn't love watching the annoying bird mascot as the baseball park fall on their face? Simply put, mascot fails never get


Man Wearing Turtle Mascot Suit On Roller Skates Steals Lettuce

French YouTube prankster Rémi GAILLARD has gone viral again wreaking havoc at a local grocery store. Dressed in a very bright


Dunking Mascot Breaks Backboard

Indiana Pacers mascot Boomer visited the small town of New Palestine right outside of Indianapolis for the Friday night high school basketball


Lion Mascot Falls On School Children

At a school spirit assembly, the teacher hype up the kids for their beloved mascot. Finally, it's time for the


People Wearing Bear Suits At Russian Wedding

I don't know the context or what's going on here. All I know is that this wedding wins the award



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