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‘Massachusetts’ Music Video By Ylvis

NSFW language  All of America is great, but some states just aren't as popular as others, such as California, Texas,


Massachusetts Fishermen Catch 920-pound Tuna

When he booked a fishing trip with captain from the reality TV show Wicked Tuna, Gregg Looney never thought that he would


Massachusetts Police Caught Egging Their Sergeant’s Home News Report

Usually, it's the cops catching punk teens egging private property. But in this ridiculous news story, it was Massachusetts police


Sandeep Sunny Singh Win $30.5 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

People win the lottery all the time. So what makes this recent story so special that the two day old


Junk Removal Serviceman Returns $114,000 To Family Of Deceased Woman

 published this report from Medford, Massachusetts. Leo Guarente runs a junk removal service (1800-717-JUNK), and is used to finding hidden treasures in


University Of Massachusetts Riot After Patriots Lose Super Bowl

The kids take games like the Super Bowl the most serious, so when the New England Patriots lost to the


Tornado Survivor Reacts To Devastation In Brimfield Massachusetts

These two citizens of Massachusetts were lucky enough to survive the tornadoes that struck earlier this week. After the twister


Public School Students Pray At Mosque On Field Trip In Wellesley, Massachusetts – Parents Outraged

Wellesley Middle School in Massachusetts took a field trip to a Mosque. Parents had no idea that the children would