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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Fight Over Tom Brady’s Friendship

A fight for good cause. And our entertainment! When you thought, Matt and Ben would be best friends - uh-uh...


Matt Damon Pranks People With Surprise Charity Missions

The Bourne Identity has become a full Hollywood franchise at this point. To help raise money for water charity,


Matt Damon Acts Out His Film Career With James Corden

There are some actors who are famous in America. And then there are celebrities who are known around the world,


Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Go To Couples Therapy

It's no secret that late night host Jimmy Kimmel is best friends with actor Matt Damon. That why over the years


Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Make Fun Of Each Other For Charity

Celebrity actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have joined forced with charity channel O Maze for a good cause. The two famous


Matt Damon And John Elerick Compete To Save Water

John Elerick, most famous from the popular online series The Gentlemen's Rant, has finally made it big. He and Matt Damon,


Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie: 2V

After the great viralviral success of his first Movie: The Movie online trailer, Jimmy Kimmel has done what Hollywood does best. Made


Matt Damon Gets Revenge On Jimmy Kimmel For Always Running Out Of Time

Any fan of the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live knows that Jimmy and Matt Damon have a long running gag


Unreal Candy Promotes ‘Unjunked’ Candy With Nothing Artificial

Today there is a major shift in the way people consume foods. Those who want more control of what they


Matt Damon As Santa Claus For

World famous actor and activist Matt Damon teamed up with to bring light to the water crisis facing the planet.


Matt Damon Defends Teachers

With the entire country broke, everyone is trying to point the finger at the guilty culprits. For some reason, out