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McDonald’s Dishes You Can’t Get In The USA

McDonald's is America's most famous fast food chain. Love or hate the golden arches, the odds are there's one in


Americans Try McDonald’s For The First Time

It may surprise you, but there are still a few Americans who have never tried McDonald's. BuzzFeed found three of these rare


Two Dogs Share Ice Cream Cone In The Cutest Way Possible

This dog owner loves to go to the drive-thru and get her pups an ice cream cone treat. But she's learned


McDonald’s Worker Sounds Like A Perfect Recording.

This short video by Dontu Wannano has exploded with over 650,000 hits. His coworker at McDonald's has a serious future in


McDonald’s Reveals How They Make Chicken McNuggets

McDonald's world famous chicken McNuggets have a bad reputation and are surrounded by controversy. Rumors that they contain pink slime or other


Secret McDonald’s Menu Items

Everyone knows the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheese. But have you ever tried the secret Air, Land, &


10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s

McDee's is so ubiquitous, there are even Americans who know the Big Mac song better than the national anthem! Popular


Science Teacher Loses Weight On McDonald’s Diet

There's been a lot of coverage of the woman who ate Starbucks for a year recently. And of course there


New York Times Revisits The Famous Lady Burned By McDonald’s Coffee Story

Nearly everyone has heard the famous story about Stella Liebeck who accidentally spilled hot McDonald's coffee on her lap from the


Single Dollar Bills Magically Turn Into Fives Prank At Fast Food Restaurants

YouTube Magician Rahat is famous for performing hilarious, mind-bending magic tricks at fast food restaurant drive-thrus. Now, he has finally entered the


Headless Man At The Drive Thru Prank

Magician Rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drive-thru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat,


Invisible Driver At The Drive Thru Prank 2

After the great viral success of his first Invisible Driver At The Drive-Thru Prank--which at this point has collected over 31