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Huge Egg McMuffin Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

It's time for our regular dose of gluttony, brought to you by EpicMealTime, of course. Our host, Harley Morenstein, goes to McDonald's and orders


Food Liberation Army Kill Ronal McDonald

They threatened that they would do it. and they kept their word. McDonald's has not answered their questions or met


Food Liberation Army Captures, Steals Ronald McDonald Statue

The Food Liberation Army stole a statue of Ronald McDonald in Finland and are holding 'him' as hostage. They are


Japanese Sponge Bob Happy Meal Commercial

Turn the volume down. Jesus, these kids can scream. They each take a sip of their McDonald's Sponge Bob electronic


Canoeing In McDonalds Austraila Flood 2011

The flooding in Milton Austraila was extreme. How bad was it? Well let's just take a boat trip through the


McDonalds Drive Thru Special Sauce Rap Song

Dude asks for special sauce with his nuggets. The McDonalds employee on the drive thru is talking like he's an


Cute Cat In McDonald’s Bag

Cute cat in a little bag, cute cat in a little bag. Cute cat in a little bag!


Man Rides Horse To McDonald’s Drive Thru

At around 4 AM a group of friends see a man riding to the McDonad's drive thru on a horse.


I Was Loving It – Anti McDonald’s Commercial – Consequences

This commercial shows a dead fat guy and his sad living love one crying over his body. He has a