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With Ken Jeong’s Medical Examinations A Healthy Recovery Is Guaranteed (Maybe)

Ken Jeong is an actor. Let that sink in. Then ask yourself if you'd want him to advise you on


John Oliver Buys 15 Million Dollars Of Medical Debt And Forgives It All

Debt. It's hard to find someone who doesn't have at least some student, car, or credit card debt. Today, there


Girl Explains The Struggle Of Losing Her Hair

BuzzFeed's Becky looks like any other girl at first glance. But she actually has been struggling with auto-immune disorders her


John Oliver On Dr. Oz And Nutritional Supplements

The nutritional supplements industry is booming. But what most people don't realize is that unless you are seriously malnourished, supplements


The Blind Woman Who Saw Rain

Milena Channing became blind after a suffering stroke at 29 years old. She simply woke up at the hospital and all


Harvard Med Students Explain ‘What Does The Spleen Do’ With ‘What The Fox Say’ Parody

Even young kids have a pretty good idea what tasks the lungs, heart, and even stomach perform.  But many adults


Donald Faison Tests His Medical Vocabulary In Internet Game

Made Man went viral back in April with video of celebrity guest Alison Brie imitating popular Internet memes. That month old


Robotic Mobility Device Brings Freedom To Paraplegics

Different forms of wheel chairs have been around for thousands of years with little new innovation to help disabled people.


Viral Deaf Woman Who Heard For First Time Gets Second Ear Implant

Remember back last September when Sarah who was hearing impaired heard for the first time with her new hearing implant? She became


Avatar Robot Transmits Sight, Sound, Touch To Humans

Remember Avatar? Well, it seems everyday we get closer to science fiction. Robotic scientists in Japan have unveiled a new


Doctor Peels Grape With New Surgical Robot

The new Da Vinci surgical robot is truly a breakthrough in medicine. With the new robot, doctors have extremely accurate


Ken Jeong Stars In Hands-Only CPR video

Has this ever happened to you? You and some friends are enjoying a game of charades, when the actor suddenly