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Robin Williams Seize The Day Inspiring Remix

As a tribute to Robin Williams, remix artist Melodysheep created this inspiring auto-tune remix music video from Robin's past movies. Fans will recognize


Wal-Mart Greeter Mr. Willie Auto Tune Remix

Remember eccentric Walmart greeter Mr. Willie? Two weeks ago, Cdedman90 published video focused on the super-center greeter in Maumelle, Arkansas, and his


Lucky Charms Auto Tune Remix

Young marketers these days know that online is the future and TV is the past. So in a genius move,


Higgs Boson Autotune Remix

Melody Sheep, the popular auto-tuning remix nerd, has returned to the web with another dose of nerdy awesomeness. For his


Reading Rainbow Remixed In Your Imagination

PBS Digital Studios continues to work with popular online remix artist MelodySheep, and together, they have again published a remix from


Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remix

Just in time for Halloween, Tim Burton has remade his own 1984 Frankenweenie shortinto a full feature 3D black and white film.  To help


Bruce Lee Autotune Remix – Be Water My Friend

Melodysheep has recently become one of the Internet's most popular remix autotune artists. After teaming up with PBS, he has really started


Julia Child PBS Made Remix

Pbsdigitalstudios has been embracing the Internet and Internet culture with their past few remix videos in conjunction with remix master MelodySheep.