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 The Internet has a huge obsession with life hacks and saving money. As a result there are countless 'hacks' out there


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Elliott Morgan of Mashable guest stars on this episode Mental Floss. Elliott covers a slew of crazy jobs that no longer exist in


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Most of us use deodorant, but have no idea how it actually works. What many people don't realize is that


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It's no secret that the Internet is just a little bit obsessed with cats. The fascination of videoing cats actually


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Sometimes, you just want a nice, steaming cup of coffee without the extra pep. Thankfully, we have decaffeinated coffee in


Amusing Facts About Amusement Parks

Have you ever wondered where the Ferris wheel got its name? It's actually named after the creator of the amusement park


Amazing Toy Facts

Adults like to pretend that they are all grown-up, but secretly we all still love toys. That's why it's no


Unusual Occupations

Elliott Morgan of Mashable guest stars on this special episode of Mental Floss. We all have to work, but there are many


Unbelievable Local Traditions

Does your city or town have a really strange local tradition? You're not alone. As John Green of Mental Floss explains, there


Facts About Dogs

Dogs have been apart of human civilization for centuries. With careful breeding techniques, the once semi-friendly wolves who lived near


46 Facts About The First Ladies

American presidents get a lot of recognition and attention. They were all the presidents of the United States after all.


39 Facts About Comedy

Who knew comedy could be so intellectually stimulating? John Green of Mental Floss covers a slew of unexpected facts about comedy