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1980’s Sports-Drama Bloodsport Turned Into A Classic Mentos Commercial

Those born after the 80's might not remember the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme sports-drama Bloodsport. They probably also won't remember those upbeat…

Coke Metos Trick Goes To Next Level With Nutella And Durex

The spraying Coke-Mentos meme is nearly as old as YouTube itself. Italian YouTuber Magic Mille has taken the gag to the next…

Sneaking Into Class Trick Mentos Commercial

This older commercial posted in February just became popular on social networks like Facebook. A student late for class tries…

Diet Coke Mentos Bomb Hits Cameraman

Diet Coke and Mentos fountains are almost as old as the Internet. But here's one situation that you haven't seen.…



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