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Man Gets Back At Cat By Waking Her With A Loud MEOW

Nick T's "Vengeance Meow" seems to hit a nerve with all those thousands of cat holders who get waken up…

Bird Meows With The Cats

What happens when a bird thinks he's a cat? He meows and purrs with the rest of the litter. But the…

Girl Teaches Her Dog To Meow Like A Cat

Sure, your dog can fetch a ball, and roll over. But can it do this? Paula Mendes has been teaching her dog…

Cat Responds To Meowing Cellphone Ringtone

The web has seen plenty of dogs respond to barking dogs on the TV before, such as in this popular…

Tons Of Cats Go Crazy Waiting To Be Fed

This is a dog lover's nightmare. A mysterious man in just underwear prepares dinner for his many, many cats and…



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