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Improv Piano Guy, Merton, Plays In Montreal Streets

Merton┬áthe Internet famous improv piano player strikes again, this time in Montreal, Canada. On a large truck bed, Merton plays…

Merton Piano Guy Airport Welcome Back – T Mobile Commercial

Merton, the famous viral video improv piano guy, is hired by T-Mobile to play at the airport for returning passengers.…

Merton Improv Piano Guy Sings About Guinness World Records

The crew at Guinness World Records enjoy Merton's improvised piano playing so much, they sent him the winner and on…

Ben Folds And Merton Are Not The Same Person

Bend Folds made a concert parody of Merton's piano Chat Roulette improv. Now people confuse the two, so they come…

Merton Plays Piano On The Streets

The piano guy famous for improving on Chat Roulette, improvs on the streets.  



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