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Mesmerizing Sunset Flows from Artist's Marker

Mesmerizing Sunset Flows from Artist’s Marker

[rumble][/rumble] I am a health science student and an artist. People enjoy watching my coloring videos for a few reasons.


Mesmerizing Triple Spiral Dominoes

Hevesh5 is one of the most famous domino experts on YouTube. But after years of publishing top quality videos, it's become


Magnets And Marbles Rube Goldberg Machine Is Mesmerising

The Internet has seen plenty of Rube Goldberg machines. But this one sticks out for including an extra twist. Magnetic


World’s Largest K’NEX Ball Machine Contraption

Next to Lego, K'NEX might be the most popular plastic toy building sets on the market. Like all other world


Apple’s New Robot Takes Apart And Recycles iPhones

Apple is most famous for the iPhone. Back in the day, you would keep your computer and phone for years. Not


Cutting Tomato Backwards

This video was posted online last November, but it has only gone viral now with over a quarter million new


How To Make A Ball Out Of A Block Of Wood Is Mesmerizing

Woodworking master Matthias Wandel demonstrates his impressive skills in this new video. Using some simple tools he turns a block of wood into


Bird’s Eye View Of Sheep Herding Is Mesmerizing

There's nothing special about a sheep. But a giant herd of sheep can be stunning. It's all about the perspective.


Color Changing Cake Will Mesmerize You

Pictures and art that change color based on how the light hits them is nothing new. Every kid had a


Dry Ice Bubbles Are Super Cool

Most people have seen the very cool effects of dry ice already in science class or online. A common trick


Boy Demonstrates Mind Blowing Contact Juggling

There's juggling and then there's contact juggling, an ancient art form that is trending again now in which an artist attempts


Endless Spiral Toy Train Will Mesmerize You

HO scale model trains are the most popular of all the toy trains. Of all the different models, HO scale is