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Flattening The Steep Hills Of San Francisco With Camera Trickery

San Francisco is famous for their extremely steep hills. Walking up and down these hills can be a serious pain.


Railroad Tracks Building Machine Is Mesmerizing

In the 19th century, mostly immigrant workers built the transcontinental railroad. Today, less human power is required to build railroad tracks


Man Hikes 2,600 Miles From Mexico To Canada Time Lapse

Experienced hiker Andy Davidhazy wanted to document his latest adventure is a very special way. He decided to take a selfie once


Ice On Frozen Pipe Melting From The Inside Out Is Mesmerizing

As March continues on, the promise of spring is in the air. Slowly, after a frigid winter, Mother Nature is


Camera Feedback Loop Is Mesmerizing

Anyone who has studied computers understands the concept of an infinite loop. One fun way to experiment with an infinite


Laser Cleaning Large Baking Trays Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Industrial company LaserAge is a premier supplier of commercial laser systems and accessories. As every cook and chef knows all too


Incredible Spinner Illusion Is Mesmerizing

Illusionist Brusspup is famous for his mind blowing optical illusions, and his latest project is no exception. He shows the camera what


Everyday Objects Dancing On Sound Is Mesmerizing

In simple terms, speakers project music with vibration. That's all it takes. BuzzFeed harnessed the power of a music speaker and


Balls On Escalator Is Mesmerizing

This video by EN was not here was posted in 2012, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000


Workers Hammering In Perfect Harmony Is Mesmerizing

Work is always easier when you have good coworkers. If everyone is a team player then the work is lighter for


Battery Organizing Robots Are Mesmerizing

Back in the day, humans populated factories for nearly all manufacturing. But today, more and more of those difficult, tedious


Traditional Korean Candy Cutter Will Mesmerize You

Victoria Nagy posted this video in 2007, but it has only gone viral now. While visiting South Korea, Victoria had the