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What Birds Do Metal Singers Sound Like?

Metal is probably under-appreciated as a music category, especially when you consider metal singers all have a secret talent. They


Rob Scallon Plays Metal On A Sitar

Maybe you know the sitar? An elegant instrument for delightful and soft tunes. At least when Rob Scallon is not


The Making Of A Wavy Metal Handle Is Hypnotic And Beautiful

Manufacturing Production uploaded this video of a robot arm transforming a metal bar into a wavy handle. This hypnotical thing


Listen To This ‘All That She Wants’ Metal Cover

Frog Leap Studios covered the classic Ace Of Base hit "All That She Wants" in a metal version. Maybe some


Hypnotic Video Of Giant Metal Parts Being Forged Inside A Factory

May I present to you one of the recent wonders of "virality"? Maybe you just watch a bit of this


Crushing $40,000 Gold Bar With Big Hydraulic Press

If you are sensitive about luxury items like iPhones being crushed by a hydraulic press - this one is not


There Is A Ned Flanders Metal Band Called ‘Okilly Dokilly’

And they got their first music video out right now, getting a lot of viral fraction out there. Over 250.000


Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Rocking the weather US-style. Crazy! "Lane Pittman. Slayer. America. Hurricane Matthew. Turn it up! Where you at Emma Watson?!"

The LEGO Movie Song Metal Cover

Everything is awesome! This metal cover by Leo Moracchioli, too. He kind of improved the original by Tegan and Sara

“Friends” theme played as a metal song

Anthony Vincent and Rob Scallon reinvent the classic "Friends" theme song and "mudded it up" a notch. Beautiful disturbing alternative


Awesome kids cover Metallica in front of a mall

Metallica normally is being heard (or played) by people from 20 to 60, but these kids show, that they to


Heavy Metal Cover Of Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls From Little Mermaid

Disney has mastered the evil villain character. But after years and years, there still hasn't been an antagonist quite like Ursula the