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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Chinese Toddler Uses Metal Pole To Defend Grandma From Police

This little toddler has gone viral on Chinese social media, and now he's trending in the Western Web as well. Apparently,…

Heavy Metal Star Wars Theme

What's more heavy metal than Darth Vader, the lord of the Sith, himself? Not much really. In honor of The…


Metalhead girl in reality


I love metal she said

Dropping A Burning Hot Metal Ball On A Nokia 3310 Cellphone

Back in the day, the Nokia 3310 cellphone was the iPhone of the day. It seemed like everyone had one. They…

Placing A Red Hot Ball Of Metal On Floral Foam Has Mind Blowing Results

Cars And Water is the at home science guy who is famous for heating a ball of pure nickel until it…

Pouring Molten Metals Into Water Is Awesome

As his name suggests, homestead nerd The Backyard Scientist enjoys performing science experiments in his backyard and showing the Internet the awesome results.…

Metallica Performs National Anthem Before NBA Finals

Famous celebrities and pop stars are often invited to big time sporting events to sing the national anthem. Sadly, most…

Ed Sheeran Sings Rap And Heavy Metal

English singer and musician Ed Sheeran is well known for his sweet and smooth voice and music style. His recent hit Thinking…

What Happens When You Drop A Burning Hot Metal Ball On Gak

Remember Gak? That green mystery slimy goo that was made popular by Nickelodeon back in the 1990's? No one knew what…

Teenage Girl Shreds ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ On Guitar

It's no secret that most teenage girls are in love with Katy Perry, Beyonce, and other famous pop music artists.…

Adorable Toddler Sings Metal Version Of The Alphabet Song

The first song nearly every kid learns is the ABC's. We all know the tune to A, B, C, D...…


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