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Steve Carell Sings Heavy Metal In Bruce Almighty

Remember that classic clip in Bruce Almighty when newscaster Evan, played by Steve Carell, has his voice taken over by Bruce, played by Jim…

University Invents Superhydrophobic Metal

The University of Rochester is trending after revealing a new superhydrophobic metal that may very well change the way airplanes, smartphones, and…

Two Guys Perform Metal On Children’s Instruments

Two men from Pasquale Custom Guitars showed off their heavy metal skills using some unexpected instruments. They performed a very metal…

Cat Sits On The Couch Like Human Watching Heavy Metal Concert

This ridiculous cat video from 2011 has been trending again this weekend. YouTuber InZane4all has a very special cat named Buddy.…


LOreal Metal MEME

Adorable Baby Plays Drums For Heavy Metal

Little Wyatt isn't even a toddler yet, but he's already a big fan of heavy metal rock music. In this adorable clip,…

Heavy Metal Ducktales Theme Song

The Ducktales theme song is the epitome of upbeat late 1980's theme song music. Heavy metal music is the last…

Why You Can’t Put Metal In The Microwave

As most people learn the hard way, you shouldn't put metal in a microwave oven as it usually results in…

Metal In Inappropriate Places

Heavy metal music is awesome. In the right place and time that is. Just for fun, rocker Rob Scallon decided to…


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