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Meteor Falls Across the Australian Sky

Meteor Falls Across the Australian Sky

[rumble][/rumble] This is dashcam footage of a meteor captured while driving in Eatons Hill, Queensland, Australia More

Sky Glows Blue During Meteor Shower

Glowing Blue Sky During Meteor Shower What an amazing video we have for you today! This is a must see…

Dash Cam Captures Meteor In Thailand

Seeing a fiery meteor fall out of the sky is rare enough. But Porjai Jaturongkhakun somehow managed to captured the event on…

Meteor Armageddon In Fake Window During Job Interview Prank

Imagine you finally get called back for a job interview only for the Armageddon to finally strike right in the middle…

NASA Explains What Exploded Over Russia

The world was shaken when a giant meteorite hit the mountains of Ural, Russia last week. Now that all the…



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