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How To Make A Michael Bay Film

Somehow, director Michael Bay has become one of the world's most famous movie makers who has churned out countless worldwide blockbuster films.


If Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s UP

Pixar's UP was a great film, but what if action movie director Michael Bay had managed the movie? It would


Film Critics Say Something Nice About Michael Bay

Hollywood director Michael Bay is well known for his action packed movies full of explosions, hot girls, and epic battles. But


If Michael Bay Reimagined Beavis And Butthead As An Action Movie

It seems anything with recognition from the recent past has been reimagined and regurgitated by Hollywood? Are they really out


Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer

The Transformers are returning this summer. Popular actor Mark Wahlberg stars in Michael Bay's fourth explosive episode in the Transformers series, Transformers:


Michael Bay Walks Off Stage During CES 2014

Michael Bay is well known for his outrageous action blockbusters, but public speaking? Not so much.  During a Samsung promotional


Transformers 3 Reuses Scene From The Island

Let's face it. People go to see movies like Transformers for the action and special effects. Sorry Michael Bay, but