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Kids Replace Idina Menzel And Michael Bublé In Adorable “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Cover

Actress and singer Idina Menzel has collaborated with Canadian singing sensation Michael Bublé to recreate a Christmas classic. The two sing the…

Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Michael Buble Cover ‘Some Nights’ Wearing Chicken Costumes

Canadian musician Michael Buble is on an apparent viral roll! First, he just went viralviral in one day after debuting a…

Michael Bublé Sings In New York City Subway

Travelers are used to seeing musicians in the New York City subway, but usually they are just random people trying…

Retirement Home Epic Lip Dub To Feeling Good

Old people are a specially loved category on the Internet. Since most of the elderly don't use the Internet, the…



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