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Michele Bachmann Bad Lip Reading

Michele Bachmann already is the current queen of gaffs and public mistakes. So it's not that hard to imagine her talking like…

Michele Bachmann: Who Likes White People

This video has gone viral on many blogs as people thought the Republican presidential candidate asked, "Who likes white people?" It has…

Gay Activist Glitter Bachmann’s Gay ‘Fixing’ Clinic

Michele Bachmann is running for president in 2012 as a Republican. What many people may not know is she and…

Michele Bachmann Mispronounces Chutzpa

It's not really fair to come down on anyone who mispronounces a word that is not their first language, and it's…

Kathy Griffin Meets Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota running for the 2012 presidency. Kathy Griffin is a crude, famously liberal…

Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Michele Bachmann’s Erroneous US History

It seems Michele Bachmann is already the new Sarah Palin character in this 2012 election season. She has already made…



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