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Giant Car Pile-Up On Michigan Highway Is Out The Apocalypse

Over the weekend, the Midwest was hit with its first serious snow storm. Sadly, it seems people were not ready


Michigan Cops Surprise Motorists With Christmas Presents

With the police shooting case in Ferguson and the choking case in New York City still trending on Twitter, it's


Transformer Costume Turns Into Little Car That Actually Drives

This street performer took his Transformers costume to the next level! Not only does the yellow Transformer look authentic and


Giant Ice Balls On The Coast Of Lake Michigan

The crazy cold polar vortex from Canada has caused some very strange natural phenomenona.  One being the giant ice boulders that formed


College Football Marching Band Proposal Is Epic

Jonathan and Danielle met on the Michigan football marching band, and fell in love. Naturally, Jon had to propose to Danielle with


Fake MSU Football Player Mannequin Prank

The preseason for Michigan State University Spartans football has begun. As players and coaches were heading in to practice at


Fake Ryan Gosling Detroit Prank

Fake celebrity pranks never get old. The web just loves laughing at celebrity-worshiping fools, especially when the foolish end up


Detroit Firefighter Helmet Cam 2012 Compilation

Highland Park, Michigan firefighter HPZ1442 has an especially tough job. Not only is Detroit is a state of emergency politically and financially,


Brad And Emily Lip Dub Beach Engagment

Bradley of Grand Rapids, Michigan is the latest awesome boyfriend to go viral with a unique, touching, and emotional . To ask


Fifty Cities In Michigan Sing It’s Always A Good Time Music Video

STATUSCREATIVE teamed up with PureMichigan to produce a singalong music video featuring Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen's latest hit single, Good


Wedding Party Falls Into Lake When Dock Collapses Underneath Them

It's happened before and it will most likely happen again. As long as photographers insist wedding party photos on the


Classic Zorro Duel Breaks Out During Lecture At Michigan University

There have been many college lecture prank videos before, but this one takes the cake. In the middle of an