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Enormous Tire Fire At Kuwaiti Tire Junk Yard

This brand new video already has over 100,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends. A monstrous fire broke out at Kuwaiti


Israeli President Shimon Peres – Be My Friend For Peace Remix

Peace in the Middle East is long over due. As a new way to reach out, Israeli president Shimon Peres published this


Amazingly Long Line Of Poop Trucks In Dubai

Dubai only recently exploded, becoming one of the world's leaders in skyscraper. But the city grew to quickly, and a


Rainbow Colored Baby Chickens

By injecting ink into chicken embryos, chicken farmers are now making rainbow colored chicks. They sell them in markets in


Musicians Of Jerusalem Mashed Up

Let's take a trip to the ancient Middle East. To the most famous city in the world, Jerusalem. kutiman went around


Libya Situation Explained By Angry Birds

The situation in the volatile Middle East is explained in a cute Three Little Pigs/Angry Birds cartoon. First, regular birds


Rap News On Middle East Revolutions And Wisconsin

Rap News is becoming a better source of facts than the real 'media'. As technology and social media spreads, the


Changing Car Tires While Driving

I am pretty amazed. If this is actually real, I'm blown away. It seems like a scene from a cheesy 80's