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Two Cats Argue Over Milk – The Translation

It goes forth and back with this two hungry little fellers. Two cats one cup - sorry for this pun,…

Coca Cola And Milk Experiment Is Shocking

Most people know that drinking sugary drinks aren't good for you. But this year old video by Maricv 84 is inspiring people even…

What Happens When You Chug Milk

Milk makes the body strong, but what happens when you drink an entire gallon of milk? Most people can't take…

Kitten Goes Crazy Over Milk Bottle

This adorable three week old kitten has a serious case of the munchies, and seriously goes to town on his bottle…

Crazy Japanese Milk Commercial

Japan has so many crazy commercial, movies, and shows, WTFjapanBLOG is needed just to sort it all out. The blog features media…

Cow Drinks Her Own Milk

Now that's what I call recycling. Or is it renewable energy? Or self sufficient? I duno. It's weird and it's…



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