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Giant Man Test Drives Mini Bike

This looks adorable! :) Matthew Cannon's video is trending right now with already over 500,000 views on YouTube. "Neighbor giving


Norwegian Body Builders Visit Tiny Town

What do you do when you're a professional body builder, but you feel like you've maxed yourself out? How do you


Dogs Riding Mini-Train Is The Cutest Train Ever

What's cuter than a bunch of dogs? How about a bunch of dogs riding a mini-train, each in their own


Tony Hawk Jumps A MINI

Tony Hawk maybe 46 years old, but he's still got it! In this newly trending video by skater channel RIDE, Tony


Take A Ride Through Grandpa’s Vast Miniature Train Town

The sights and attractions in this train ride video are so realistic, viewers often forget they are exploring a miniature


Tightest Parallel Parking Record Broken

Of all the Guinness World Records, tightest parallel parking title is one of the most contested. The record was just broken almost


Miniature Drum Set Solo

This very unique drum video is from last March, but only started to trend since December. Now it is nearing 100,000 views and


Miniature Dancing DJ Puppet Street Performance

This video from the summer just went viral now after being shared on Facebook, , and StuffIStole. An adorably tiny


World’s Largest Miniature Model Railroad World

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany contains the world's largest model railroad universe which attracts over one million guests a year. Not


Man Jumps Over Three Minis

MINIUnitedKingdom produced this viral video of English long jump champion and London 2012 hopeful, J.J. Jegede. He runs at full speed and


Tiny Mini Crossbow Really Shoots Targets

From the famous makers of the mini cannon video, comes their newest mini shooting video. This time, it's a mini


Tiny Mini Cannon Really Shoots With Accuracy

The little guy packs a punch. It can even break a CD. That's pretty damn accurate. It hits a balloon