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Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

These days, you can't really expect to be a successful politician if you can't laugh at yourself. Republican presidential front


Dancers Perform In Front Of Fake Mirror With Real Live ‘Reflections’

At first, it seems the four colorful dancers in this Asian TV show are just dancing in front of a


Great Cats React To Mirror At Big Cat Sanctuary

Tigers, lions, leopards, and other great cats spend so much time grooming, the nice people at the BigCatRescue wanted to show the


Kitten Is Confused By Mirror

This classic video was posted at the damn of YouTube in 2006, but only now exploded into viral video history,


Giant Spinning Mirror Head Fountain

This video from April was almost unseen, until it just now exploded in popularity. Now it's going viral on ThisIsColossal,


Mirror Pep Talks In Movies Compilation

I don't know when talking to the mirror became a cinema cliche, but it seems every type of movie has


Baby Looking At His Tongue In Mirror

It's difficult these days to make a viral baby video. There's so much competition, it's hard to get noticed. Here,


Animals Confused By Infinite Mirrors

Make a corner of mirrors and let animals loose. This is confusing to look at for me even, and you can