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Security Camera Footage Of Tornado Ravaging Church Playground Will Terrify You

A powerful tornado tore through Tupelo, Mississippi last Monday, and one church captured footage of the powerful storm on security camera.…

Woman Describes Hail KAPOOYA

Mississippi recently experienced serious hail, with some ice balls falling from the sky as big as tennis balls. Texas has also been…

Two Mississippi Police Crash In Intersection

Two Greenville, Mississippi police crashed at high impact in the middle of an intersection. Soon enough, almost the entire city…

Tornado Took Man’s Hamburger

There were record number of tornadoes that ravaged Central America in the past weeks. One TV news crew interviewed a…

Mississippi Christian Pop Lock Hip Hop Dance On Local News

As the video says. Mississippi is statistically the dumbest state in the country. It is also the most religious. Is…


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