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Ingestible Origami Robot

Researchers at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have collaborated to build the first indigestible robot.


Small Robot Cubes That Self-Assemble

MIT News Office reports on their latest project to come to fruition.  Scientists and engineers at the world famous school have


Teen Programmer’s Computer Animated Video Portfolio

Jared Counts has been saving his computer programs since he was only a 13 year in 2008. Since then, his algorithms


MIT Professor Tells His Students All Of You Have Lost Your Virginity In Physics

MIT professor Walter Lewin is a legend in the physics world. Spanish channel lainformacioncom had the special chance to interview the eccentric


Changing The Tempo Of Call Me Maybe With Your Heartbeat

Music Hack Day at MIT is an international 24-hour event where musical nerds of all kinds collaborate to change the music world


MIT Parodies Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is one of those Internet phenomenons which don't just go away that quickly. The latest to jump on board


MIT Team Create Glass Ketchup Bottle That Actually Pours

Glass ketchup bottles are better than plastic, but they have their negatives. Getting the ketchup to actually pour out is


Students Play Tetris On MIT Building

This isn't the first time it's been done, but nerds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully hacked one of the


New MIT Camera Captures Video At Speed Of Light

MIT has quickly gone viral after announcing their new camera technology that they claim can capture one trillion frames per second.


MIT Professor Draws Lines Compilation

This video of MIT Professor Walter Lewin drawing straight lines was posted online in 2009 without much viewership for years, but